Maimane is recruiting small parties for his new ‘movement’

Maimane is recruiting small parties for his new ‘movement’

Herman Mashaba together with then DA leader Mmusi Maimane address the media at a press conference at the Johannesburg city council, 21 October 2019. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

Former Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba has confirmed that a new political party will be started, but has been vague on whether or not Maimane is joining him.

In an interview on 702 on Monday, former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane said that he was recruiting small parties to join his new political movement.

This follows Herman Mashaba finally confirming what many had already assumed – that he would be starting his own political party – in an interview with City Press on Sunday.

He maintained that his new party, which would officially be launching at the end of June, would be ready to contest the 2021 municipal elections, but could not confirm whether Maimane, as well as Dr Makhosi Khoza, who joined Mashaba and Maimane at several ‘people’s dialogues’ held around the country, would be joining the party.

Maimane was also vague on whether or not he would be joining the party when interviewed.

“As far as the party that Mr Mashaba is referring to, that work still needs to be worked on and those details are still being ironed out,” he said.

He did, however, say that smaller parties were being recruited to form part of a political formation.

“We are already recruiting South Africans from all different parts of the country. We want to bring a number of political parties on the go,” Maimane said.

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Maimane has been vague on whether the “movement” he is working on is linked to Mashaba’s new political party. He has said he’s not sure a new party is needed, but that South Africa did need a new “vehicle”.

“A new political party may simply be saying ‘let’s add another colour to the many colours of political parties that exist’; we need a new coalition, a new vehicle,” he told eNCA last year.

He described this “new vehicle” as a “movement that is led by people for the people, that will challenge the status quo”. He added that he thought his “contribution to society is to get back to that discussion”.

However, following Mashaba’s announcement in City Press regarding the new party, it has been assumed in some reports that this is the same “movement” Maimane has been speaking about.

“It is important that we call South African citizens under a movement for change. We are already recruiting South Africans from all parts of the country. To bring change is not going to take one individual, it will take a network of citizens,” he told 702.

“Even if we contest the elections, those elected are elected by the people. I am confident that this movement will bring a coalition of South Africans to bring change.”

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman. Background reporting, Charles Cilliers)

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