DA has paid the price for its arrogance – analysts

DA has paid the price for its arrogance – analysts

DA falling from grace. Graphic: Costa Mokola

Ignoring its coalition partners and ideological differences over the land issue were key factors in the DA’s fall from grace, say political experts.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has only itself, its internal divisions and undermining of its coalition partners to blame for losing all the three metros it famously won and controlled via coalitions in 2016, political commentators say. They said the DA paid the price for its arrogance of bossing other parties by insisting on implementing its own policies and ignored concerns of the smaller parties that helped it come to power. Also, the DA was a victim of a new black political realignment emanating from a common interest around the land expropriation without compensation. This week the ANC recaptured Joburg and...




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