What’s next for Mashaba?

What’s next for Mashaba?

Herman Mashaba addresses the media at a press conference at the Johannesburg city council, 21 October 2019. Mashaba announced his resignation, effective on November 27. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

This comes after he announced his resignation as mayor and member of the DA last month.

As his final week in office flies by, questions remain about what is next for outgoing Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.

Well, according to a media briefing held yesterday at the Johannesburg city council, his immediate plans are a relaxing holiday filled with books, wine, and golf, among other leisurely activities.

Mashaba announced his resignation as mayor and member of the Democratic Alliance (DA) last month citing Helen Zille’s return to party leadership after she was appointed chair of the DA’s Federal Executive.

“I deeply regret that the DA I signed up to is the one which emerged from this weekend’s meeting. The election of Zille stands in opposition with the people I represent and the majority of the South Africans,” he said.

He went on to accuse the party of being the “most difficult” partner in his coalition government with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Johannesburg.

Speaking during his pre-exit media briefing on Wednesday, he expressed his wish to see the police continue to work without political interference as was the case under his administration.

He also pleaded with the media, human rights officials, and the public at large to treat police better.

“I’ve seen our office being murdered with guns and through reckless driving,” he said, before adding: “I’ve seen out officers being injured, some of them critically.”

He lambasted the public for not lending their voice to the plight of officers as loudly as they do the instances of police misconduct and called them “the most exploited” due to their working conditions and what he believes to be meagre pay.

Mashaba’s last day in office will be Wednesday, November 27 and he said he planned to be on holiday “sitting somewhere, reading books, drinking wine, playing golf, tennis and piano”.

This after a term in office that allegedly left him requiring sleeping pills just to get some sleep.

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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