Sinesipho Schrieber
1 minute read
8 Oct 2019
6:32 am

We risk economic crisis if ANC can’t convince alliance on growth plan – analyst

Sinesipho Schrieber

An academic, however, says it's unlikely the tripartite alliance won't find common ground.

FILE PICTURE: SACP’s first deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila.

Should the ANC fail to find a common ground with its alliance partners on Treasury’s economic growth plan, the country could face an economic crisis with no point of recovery. Political analyst Andre Duvenhage said political conflicts within the tripartite alliance posed a great danger to the economic recovery of the country. He said that the defiant rejections of the plan by the SACP and Cosatu were unlikely to change anytime soon, which he viewed as a threat to the economic recovery. On the contrary, Walter Sisulu University political studies lecturer Dumisani Mthethwa, said the ANC alliance partners were likely...