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31 Jul 2019
5:44 pm

Zuma was ‘vulnerable’ to ‘influence’ while Ramaphosa is not – Snuki Zikalala

Citizen reporter

The ANC Veterans League believes former apartheid agencies alongside international agencies are attempting to destabilise the ANC.

Former president Jacob Zuma and President Cyril Ramaphosa at a wreath laying ceremony for Langalibalele Dube at Inanda township, 8 January 2019. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

Former SABC head of news and president of the ANC Veterans League (ANCVL), Snuki Zikalala, discussed a document penned by himself and other veterans, “Counter-revolution, state capture and corruption in South Africa”, on Aldrin Sampear’s Power FM show on Wednesday.

Zikalala claimed on air that former apartheid agencies alongside international agencies are attempting to destabilise the ANC government and South Africa, through the orchestrated collapse of state-owned enterprises.

Asked by Sampear whether the SA president could be influenced by this alleged campaign, Zikalala said: “Not the current one”.

“We don’t know, the previous president was very vulnerable in the sense that he did not have a well-structured bureaucracy that was protecting him from people who wanted to influence him in one way or another,” Zikalala said, adding that he believes Ramaphosa is less susceptible for reasons including that he has, in the ANC veteran’s view, surrounded himself with a trustworthy, hardworking cabinet.

The document focuses heavily on Tom Moyane’s journey from exile in Mozambique to Sars commissioner, coming to the conclusion that he was possibly influenced by apartheid agents.

Asked what the motives are behind the ANCVL’s document, Zikalala said: “It’s important to do in-depth analyses, especially of state capture”.

“We are the custodians of ANC values, tradition and principles, we have to ensure that the ANC exists, survives and completes its mission of national democratic revolution”.

Going into more detail on what the veterans believe has been a orchestrated campaign to undermine the ANC, Zikalala said: “The main purpose is to ensure they dislodge the ANC, that the ANC is weakened and that society loses confidence in the ANC”.

LISTEN: Tom Moyane ‘might’ have been used by apartheid agents, says Snuki Zikalala

He alleged that forces are creating “organised chaos” to bring about “regime change”.

Going so far as to say that this could hint at a wider plan to hurt Africa as a whole, Zikala alleged that “a weak ANC” would lead to “a weak continent”.

Zikalala believed those behind the plot have appointed “well placed, well paid” people who are “doing good work in undermining our efforts.”

One of the aims, he alleged, is to “stop an ANC absolute majority in parliament” so the ANC’s powers are limited.

Asked by Sampear if there is any weight to the recent apartheid spy allegations made by former president Jacob Zuma at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, Zikalala said: “I think partly it has credence”.

The document Zikalala was discussing was co-authored by ANC veterans including Wally Serote, Snuki Zikalala, Aziz Pahad, Thami Ntenteni and Fazel Randera.

More detail on the accusations it levels against Moyane can be found here.

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman)

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