Person who put a price on Floyd’s head has been identified, says Malema

Person who put a price on Floyd’s head has been identified, says Malema

Floyd Shivambu. Picture: Facebook

Malema has also alleged that a judge from Gauteng authorised surveillance on him.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema opened up about a planned hit on the party’s deputy president, Floyd Shivambu.

At a press conference in the parliamentary precinct on Thursday evening, Malema claimed that a businessman from KwaZulu-Natal had been identified as the one who put a price on the party’s deputy president.

He said: “These people are on our case. These people have put a price tag on Floyd. An Indian owner of hotels has put a price on Floyd’s head. Minister of police, intelligence compiled a report and the person who gave an instruction has been identified. We’re not doing those things of Zuma saying so and so said about this one being a spy. We’re giving you real stuff with reference.

“The assassin went to Floyd, we reported the matter to the minister, crime intelligence has investigated. It is confirmed and they even know the person.”

Malema further alleged that a judge from Gauteng had authorised surveillance on him. This, according to Malema, had been going on since 2013 after the formation of the party. He alleged that people had been illegally listening to his phone calls.

“We have hardcore evidence of a judge who authorised my surveillance. I’m being listened to with a judge’s decision and I’m followed daily, and this has been authorised by a judge in Gauteng. Every political plan that you’re having in your phone to strategise against your enemies, they’re given a leeway to listen to everything you’re doing.

“They’re now listening to me illegally and a judge has authorised it and it has been going on since 2013 after we formed the EFF.”

This, however, did not move the EFF because they had nothing to hide, he said.

“They’ve been sitting on this phone since 2013. If there was crime we’re committing, by now they would have used that against us. Till today there’s nothing because we’re not engaged in shenanigans, we’re engaged in an honest revolution to serve our people and if that is going to cost us life, so be it,” he said.

The EFF revealed earlier this year that there was a planned assassination on the party’s leader which was set to take place in parliament during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Sona. According to the EFF, the alleged assassination was counting on the EFF being thrown out of parliament, like in the past year, which did not happen.

However, the party did not stop being suspicious, which is why they attacked the parliament security officer in “necessary self-defence”.

“We are told that the Parliamentary Security Service has been infiltrated by these groups and targeted the occasion of the Sona to execute the assassination. They hoped that the EFF caucus would be kicked out of the house using parliamentary security. The anticipated evil acts would then be carried out during these moments of chaos.

“When Malema and the EFF leadership were unreasonably stopped by these white shirts in parliament, after the house had been adjourned, we all thought this was the moment and reacted with the necessary self-defence. The event of a white security man in black and white, being pushed and clapped in the face, followed him violently pulling Malema from passing through the corridor doors of the national assembly,” said the party at the time.

Police Minister Bheki Cele’s office confirmed that they did indeed have information on such an attempt.

Spokesperson for the ministry of police, Reneilwe Serero, told TimesLive: “I can confirm that the ministry of police has received information on a threat on the CIC of the EFF [Malema]. I can only confirm the office receiving the threat. As for the timeline, I am not at liberty to say.”

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