Kaunda Selisho
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3 May 2019
11:50 am

LISTEN: Malema gets into a necklacing war with Power FM caller

Kaunda Selisho

The caller called the EFF leader a traitor and claimed he deserved the apartheid-era punishment.

Julius Malema on Power FM | Image: Twitter

The highly publicised interview of the president of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema took a violent turn after a caller declared that Malema was a traitor who deserves to be necklaced.

A caller identified only as Muzi expressed his anger about Malema’s party’s decision to work with the DA back in 2016 in an effort to resolve leadership disputes in certain areas by lending them their votes.

“We are not stupid. South Africans are not stupid. You’ve failed the African child!” began Muzi before calling the party “gardeners to the white people”.

“You have failed the people in the townships. You are a sellout. If it was back in the days of the struggle you, were supposed to get the tyre,” added Muzi.

Malema was quick to shut Muzi’s threats down.

“I would have put two tyres on you before you would have put one. I’m not scared of any of the nonsense you said here. I’ll put four on you and any of your relatives before you do anything,” said Malema before Power FM host Aldrin Sampear intervened.

“Anyone who feels aggrieved, the 8th of May gives you an option to choose more wisely than you did,” concluded Malema before moving on to other topics.

He answered caller questions about all the missteps his party had taken thus far including their dispute with journalist Karima Brown, Malema’s own dispute with Papa Penny, and the VBS scandal to name a few.

“I will not apologise, Penny Penny himself is the one who says he is not educated. I’m just repeating after him,” said Malema before defending his utterances as political speech.

Regarding his dispute with Karima Brown, Malema said: “I apologise for putting her number but I do not apologise that she is an ANC mole.”

On the ongoing topic of coalitions, Malema shared that he and his deputy had actually been offered roles in Cabinet by President Cyril Ramaphosa but refused the roles on the basis that they did not want to be involved in the ANC administration.

He concluded the interview on a positive note, stating that his party would emerge victorious come May 9.

“We are taking power, I think that the leadership of the EFF should be now ready to govern. We’ll not get less than 51%. Singena ngo vosho e’union buildings [we will enter the union buildings with a vosho],” said Malema.

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