Ugandan cartoonist says Malema is poking a leopard’s anus

EFF CIC Julius Malema during an EFF press briefing on 23 January 2019. | Image: YouTube

EFF CIC Julius Malema during an EFF press briefing on 23 January 2019. | Image: YouTube

The EFF leader’s public support of Bobi Wine and criticism of Museveni may wake up a sleeping leopard, warns the cartoonist.

A cartoonist in Uganda has apparently warned Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema against “poking a leopard’s anus” following his remarks supporting Ugandan politician Bobi Wine, who was recently quoted as saying he was “seriously considering” running for president.

The EFF leader said Wine was a “brother to us” and an inspiration because had decided to “stand up” and challenge Museveni.

“Bobi Wine is an inspiration, he’s like Nelson Chamisa. The ability of the young to stand up is an inspiration to us. Bobi Wine is a brother to us. We want him to fight more and he must never be discouraged by the old man,” said Malema.

The EFF leader used the same speech to lambast the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, who can run for a sixth term following a court ruling, saying it was time he rested his “oversized suits”. He encouraged Wine to keep fighting, as age was “on his side”, unlike Museveni who is supposedly next in line to be “dealt with by nature” (die).

“Bobi Wine is an enemy of Museveni. He (Museveni) must go and rest and rest all his oversized suits as well because he’s a big problem – the man must just go. Age is on his (Wine’s) side, he must know that. Even if he doesn’t win against this dictatorship, nature will resolve his problem soon. He doesn’t have a problem at all, he must soldier on. If he can’t defeat him using democratic processes, nature will resolve the man,” said the EFF leader.

The cartoonist depicted Malema’s support of Wine as helping him challenge Museveni, just as he once did with former president Jacob Zuma.

Picture: Twitter

“Why fear! Why! Comrade, let me show you how it’s done,” said Malema’s character as he grabs a wounded and scared Wine by his clothes in the cartoon.

But Wine’s character tells Malema’s to “be careful my brother. Uganda is not Nkandla.”

“Poking a leopard’s anus” is a phrase Museveni used in 2015 to describe the situation those who attacked his supporters were putting themselves in.

Addressing a press conference at the time, Museveni promised to personally deal with “thugs”, who he said would regret beating up his supporters following reported violent clashes between then presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi and Museveni’s supporters.

Ugandan news website The Observer quoted him as saying: “…If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard. You are in trouble, you are in trouble. Ho! Ho! I cant believe how people could do so. NRM? you attack NRM people in Uganda here?If it is in South Sudan or Kenya, yes we may have some problems. But in Uganda here?! Where do you go? Where do you go?! So there will be no problem here. Those people made a big mistake, those individuals and those children are going to regret. And whoever sent them will also regret if we come with evidence. We shall go for him or her – the one who said ‘you go and beat them.'”

Watch the video below of Malema supporting Wine, posted on YouTube by Denis Duke Uganda:

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