Heroes save neglected horse dumped and left for dead in Pretoria field

The Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre saved Zulu the horse's life after he was dumped on the side of the road. Photo: Facebook

The Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre received a tip-off and immediately assisted the thin and dehydrated horse.

An animal rescue centre came to the rescue after a badly neglected horse was found dumped and left for dead at a field in the north of Pretoria on Wednesday.

Zulu the horse was found after an eyewitness phoned the Wetnose animal rescue centre with information about a luxury SUV dumping the horse outside Cullinan, just off the road to Montana, near an advertising billboard for Zuluka, reports Pretoria North Rekord.

“We are looking for anyone with information about the couple who dumped Zulu,” said Wetnose animal rescue centre spokesperson Debbie Buys.

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“There is currently conflicting information, which makes it hard to catch the perpetrators. What we do know is they used a hired trailer to transport the horse.”

Buys said when two of her inspectors first reacted to the call-out, they thought the horse was dead.

“He was very thin and dehydrated. When the inspectors gave him water, it was as if he was coming back to life.”

The Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre saved Zulu the horse’s life after he was dumped on the side of the road on June 25. Photo: Facebook

A local farmer brought water for Zulu, which he drank before he was taken to the animal shelter’s premises.

The horse was named Zulu because it was found close to the Zuluka billboard.

Back at the organisation’s premises, Zulu’s dehydration was immediately treated with a 6-litre fluid drip and various vitamins.

Zulu also managed to eat some food.

Buys said although Zulu had started eating, he was “not eating like a healthy horse should”.

“He was very neglected – he had hoof prints on him”.

Zulu the horse was left for dead. Photo: Facebook

On Wednesday, the rescue centre staff helped Zulu to get back on his feet.

“He was too weak to stand up. We had to get him on his feet urgently, so we decided to use manpower to lift horsepower.”

“Our staff put all their strength together to slowly get him to his feet and massage him a bit to get his blood circulating again. He straight away had a huge pee [a good sign], and wobbled until he found his own feet.”

Buys thanked the community for their prayers and welcomed any donations to help Zulu.

“Please continue to pray for a full recovery,” Buys concluded.

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