WATCH: Resident wants puppies back from ‘do-gooder’ couple

WATCH: Resident wants puppies back from ‘do-gooder’ couple

This couple have been urged to return the puppies. Image: Screenshot of YouTube video, Centurion Rekord

Two puppies escaped from their yard and were picked up by a couple, who have not returned the dogs to their rightful owners.

A Centurion resident has asked the “do-gooder” couple who took two of his pit bull puppies from outside his yard, to please return his pedigree dogs, he told Centurion Rekord.

The puppies managed to get out of Isaac Siwisa’s yard at his home in Heuweloord, on May 24.

CCTV shows how at around 5pm, a couple in a white Kia pick them up at the busy road.

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Siwisa said after returning home he searched for the dogs, but could not find them.

“I visited the local SPCA in the hopes that the couple had dropped them off there,” he said.

“But they weren’t there.”

Siwisa had bought the puppies, one male and one female, in Mpumalanga earlier in May, and had no idea they would escape from the yard.

“They managed to get out despite the barrier we put up along our fence,” he said.

Siwisa said his family were sad that the dogs had gone missing.

“We have searched for them all over and tried to get hold of the couple.

“We are appealing to them to please bring the puppies back to us.”

Anyone with more information can contact him on 078 889 1727.

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