WATCH: Durban Uber driver serenades unsuspecting passenger

Kim Davey was blow away by her Uber driver, Menzi Mngoma's singing voice.

The 27-year-old musicology graduate is working as an Uber driver to make ends meet.

When Gauteng resident Kim Davey caught an Uber recently in Durban, she did not expect to find herself in a front-row seat at the opera.

Davey said she got the shock of her life when Uber driver Menzi Mngoma broke out in song while he was driving her to her destination.

Of course, Davey was blown away by his talent and immediately took to social media to share a video in a quest to share the talent, reports Northglen News.

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Mngoma, a KwaMashu resident, said he had already received a lot of calls since the video was posted.

“I have even gotten calls from people overseas. Things are getting to another level and I am so excited. You can’t be shy of your passions. You have to showcase your talent wherever you can. You can’t wait for an opportunity to come along, you have to make your own opportunities,” he said.

“My Uber driver sang opera to me on the way to my meeting and it made my day. With no opportunities for him in South Africa, he has resorted to being a driver to earn a living. What a talented and special human being,” said Davey.

While opera is what got him noticed, Mngoma said he was very musical and could sing a range of genres.

“I would like to further my talent. I don’t know if there is a market for opera in South Africa, but I can spice things up with some R&B as well and I also sing worship at church,” he said.

Without his job as an Uber driver, Mngoma said he might not have been noticed.

“It is not that I didn’t have talent before, just that it wasn’t recognised yet. I am so grateful for the positive response. I do like my job, but if greener pastures call, I will take the opportunity,” he said.

The Uber driver has been singing to passengers for some time. “I remember picking up my first clients last year on Valentine’s day, they were a couple going out on a date,” he said.

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