Collapsed Eskom line electrocutes animals in Kruger Park

At least six animals were found electrocuted when an Eskom line inside the park collapsed due to a storm.

Stormy weather over the weekend brought much needed rain to the Kruger National Park, but the electrical storm accompanying it also took its toll on the park’s animals.

According to SANParks media specialist Ike Phaalha, at least six animals were found electrocuted when an Eskom line inside the park between Kruger Gate and Skukuza Restcamp collapsed due to the storm on Friday, reports Lowvelder.

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An Eskom team reacted to a power failure alert at the time. It was caused by the collapse of a line within the park on Friday. After arriving at the scene, they encountered a live lion feeding on a rhino carcass and contacted the section ranger for protection.

While scanning the entire block where the power line was down, they found another two dead lion, a giraffe and two hyena. The remaining lion was chased away and the line fixed to restore power supply.

It is speculated that the giraffe could have been electrocuted first and attracted a pride of lion to the spot. Since the wire lying on the ground was still live, the other lion could have been killed when touching it while feeding on the giraffe.

As hyenas are known to scavenge where lions feed, it is possible that the same fate hit them.

The horn of the dead rhino was recovered by the section ranger’s team and taken for safe custody.

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