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18 Dec 2017
12:11 pm

Black mamba found at Gandhi’s Hill property in KwaZulu-Natal

CNS Reporter

An experienced snake catcher has warned that people must never interfere with a snake if they come across one.

A slithery visitor made an appearance at a Gandhi’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), property on Friday, Phoenix Sun reports. The highly venomous black mamba, measuring approximately 2.2 metres in length, was captured by a North Coast snake fundi, Neville Wolmarans.

With the sweltering summer days and possibly more venomous visitors on the cards, the experienced KZN Ndlondlo Reptile Park snake catcher warned that people must never interfere with a snake if they come across one.

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He said people must keep a distance of about five metres, as some snakes may spit venom.

“Remember to watch carefully where the snake ends up so you can assist to locate the reptile when a professional snake catcher arrives,” he advised.

If beaten, he recommended that locals must immediately proceed to a medical facility like a hospital as doctors do not keep anti-venom.

“If you know that you will be in an area with a lot of snakes this festive season, consider taking anti-venom with you,” he said.

According to Wolmarans, the most important thing to do when one encounters a snake is to keep an eye on it and call someone professional to come and remove it.

Snakes that are harmless to humans include the brown house snake, Arora house snake, olive house snake and red-lipped snake. These snakes are likely to be found in backyard gardens.

The snake was eventually removed from the property by Wolmarans, and was relocated to a more appropriate location. Should residents come across snakes, they can contact Neville Wolmarans on 082 561 4969.

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