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18 Dec 2017
10:19 am

Tips to keep you Uber safe this festive season

CNS Reporter

The festive season has finally come, and as the holidays draw closer, many will be leaving their cars and opting for either the passenger’s or backseat.


Uber Africa spokesperson Samantha Allenberg offered driver and passenger safety tips to to ensure both parties are safe during the rides, Centurion Rekord reports.

“Uber values the safety of riders and drivers, and this is why Uber continually improves its safety features,” she said.

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Safety tips for the rider:

– Know your ride

Check the vehicle’s registration number, colour, driver photo and name and match them with what is listed on the app after requesting an Uber.

“Rides can only be requested through the Uber app. It’s important to avoid spending unnecessary time outside with your phone in your hand,” Allenberg said.

She advised riders to rather wait indoors until they were notified the driver has arrived.

– Be a backseat rider

Riders are advised to sit in the backseat if alone.

“This ensures you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic,” she said.

It also gives the rider and driver personal space, Allenberg said.

– In-app help

“This tool is designed to help you get a prompt response to your queries in the shortest time possible,” she explained.

Allenberg said the “help” section in the app not only helped riders and drivers to communicate any concern they might have during the trip, but also ensured they received a prompt response.

– Follow your intuition

Allenberg advised riders to always be aware of their surroundings and trust their instincts and judgment if they felt something was not right.

“You should be cautious when sharing any personal information and should always confirm that the driver is in fact the one you saw on the app,” she said. She advised riders to alert authorities immediately in an emergency.

Safety tips for the driver:

– Stay focused on the driving

Drivers were advised to always be alert, keep their eyes on the road and avoid texting while driving.

“We recommend using a holder to position your phone in a place where you can easily see it to help reduce dangerous distractions,” she said. Allenberg noted it was important for drivers to take a break and rest when it was needed.

– Watch for pedestrians and bikers

“Always be on the lookout for people who are walking and biking,” she said.

– Keep it legal

Drivers were advised to only drop passengers off in safe and legal locations. “Be considerate of others on the road, do not park near traffic lights as this can cause traffic jams, use your hazards when you plan on stopping and rather pull off in [a] safe area instead of the middle of the road,” Allenberg said.

– Preventing crime

“Never park in dark alleyways and ensure your doors are locked at all times and always be vigilant and alert, especially when driving at night or in areas of high crime,” Allenberg said.

“Have a one car’s distance between you and the car in front at a stop street or traffic light.”

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