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7 Dec 2017
10:04 am

Farmer allegedly destroys 167 graves

CNS Reporter

The leader of the alleged rightful owners of the land in question and members of Contralesa were called to the scene.

Members of the community negotiates with representatives from the farm.

The community of Msholozi has raised their concerns about a white farmer who has destroyed 167 graves to pave way for his macadamia farm in the area, Mpumalanga News reports.

On Wednesday morning. angry community members approached the farmer, demanding answers on where he received the authority to destroy the graves.

They also wanted to know why he had erected and fenced over the place, closing shortcut paths for locals.

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“The White River Sawmill had legally bought the land in question from the traditional leaders,” said the farm’s representatives.

He also acknowledged the number of the graveyards in the farm.

Some members of the community at the farm.

Prince Siphezi Nkosi, the leader of the alleged rightful owners of the land in question and members of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) were also called to the scene. Nkosi called on the farmers to stop with their processes as soon as possible.

“We need to engage with the farmowners to ascertain where they got the rights to destroy graves without our concern. We will not allow the dignity of our ancestors not to be respected by anyone in this country,” he said.

The view of the farm

An urgent meeting with community representatives and farmers is set to take place on Thursday morning.