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15 Nov 2017
11:49 am

Learner stabs man after writing an exam

CNS Reporter

The victim was rushed to Middelburg Hospital, and was later transferred to Witbank Provincial Hospital.


A Middelburg Combined School learner is accused of stabbing a man from Extension 24 in Middelburg, in Mpumalanga, just minutes after writing an exam, Middelburg Observer reports.

The incident occurred outside the school’s premises in Nasaret. Gareth Brown, chairperson of the School Governing Body, confirmed that the school has instituted an investigation into the matter.

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“The teenage learner, who cannot be identified, is still at the school, and is currently writing exams,” Brown said.

“We are aware of the stabbing. The principal is investigating the matter and the circumstances which led to the incident. We can confirm that the incident did not occur on the school grounds.

“Only when the investigation is concluded, will the matter be taken to the disciplinary committee before further steps might be taken. For now the learner remains in school and writing exams.”

The victim sustained stab wounds, and was rushed to Middelburg Hospital. He was later transferred to Witbank Provincial Hospital.

The Middelburg police stated that no such case was reported to them.