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9 Nov 2017
10:46 am

Fifteen-year-old girl shot seven times on farm

CNS Reporter

The modus operandi resembles that of the notorious Nyaope Gang, who were regrettably released from police custody.

The suspects fled the scene and left behind their revolver, a wheel spanner and tools used to break doors open during house robberies. Photo: Submitted

A fifteen-year-old girl was attacked on her parents’ farm in Driefontein on Tuesday, and was shot seven times, Krugersdorp News reports.

The girl, who has been taken to a private hospital after the incident for lifesaving surgeries, was home alone when the attackers entered the house. Drift Reaction, a local security company, posted on its Facebook page that she was lying on her bed when she heard the suspects enter.

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“She rolled off the bed and tried to hide between the wall and the edge of the bed. The suspects fired nine shots in her direction, seven of which hit her body.”

The suspects then brazenly continued to ransack the house and also forced her to open the safe where they took a .38 Special revolver as well as expensive jewellery and other equipment.

It’s believed her mother was on her way home from work, but was a little late. The girl was attacked by four men, of which one was tall, and one short. While she was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, the attackers continued to assault her with various weapons.

Her mother found her 30 minutes later. This isn’t the first attack in this area. On Monday, 6 November, a female worker at K9 Kennels in Muldersdrift was severely assaulted by men who resembled the attackers on the farm.

They beat her with a wheel spanner and shot a man who approached to intervene. Both victims were rushed to hospital.

The suspects fled the scene and hit another business shortly after. An employee at E Gas pressed his Drift Reaction panic button when he noticed the suspects entering the premises. Soon after, members of the Iron Fist Squad arrived, and a shootout between them and the suspects ensued.

The suspects fled the scene and left behind their revolver, a wheel spanner and tools used to break doors open during house robberies.

Although no connection could be made between the incidents, local security companies believe that the incidents are linked.

The modus operandi in all three incidents was similar, also resembles that of the notorious Nyaope Gang, whose members were released from custody more than a month ago after allegedly terrorising the Muldersdrift Community.

Similar incidents have occurred in the area for the past two weeks, and community members are worried that the suspects will continue to do as they please because they don’t fear being arrested.

The News tried to contact the Muldersdrift Police Station, but our call went unanswered.