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11 Dec 2020
2:41 pm

City Power issues revised, hard-to-read load shedding schedule

Citizen reporter

Just to be certain that your roast will not be served cold, consumers are advised to keep an eye on social media for load shedding updates.

City Power's Twitter-issued statement is enough to drive Santa crazy. Picture: iStock

Those planning their festivities in Johannesburg are strongly advised to study the updated schedule, as some suburb groupings have changed, City Power said.

Load shedding does not appear to be scheduled in the week leading up to Christmas, but just to be certain that your roast will not be served cold, consumers are advised to keep an eye on social media, as the schedule could change at a moment’s notice, as most South African residents would attest to. 

It is also not yet confirmed when load shedding will take place. 

A quick search reveals tentative schedules for Johannesburg suburbs until 19 December, for stage 1 through to stage 4.

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Other than load reduction notices issued by power utility Eskom, no talk of load shedding has reached their social pages yet. 

On Thursday night, the power utility did warn, however, that should it lose any further capacity, it would mean a high probability of load shedding. 

“This capacity shortage has been caused by the loss of multiple generation units and high load losses, in addition to generation units that are already placed in planned maintenance,” the power utility said.

“We urge the people of South Africa to continue using electricity sparingly in order to assist Eskom to reduce the risk of load shedding.”

City Power’s schedule was lambasted on social media, with many pointing out that stage 7, assigned a dark blue colour, was not even legible. Even those who printed out their schedules found it impossible to read. 

Any updates will be added once more information is received, and/or a more legible version of the schedule is updated.

In the mean time, click here and type in your suburb name to get your load shedding schedule for December. 

Compiled by Nica Richards

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