Mpumalanga storms put power network under strain

Kusile power station in Mpumalanga. Image: Kempton Express

Eskom says rain disrupted coal supply overnight, but that it managed to recover enough for the anticipated morning peak.

Heavy storms and rain in Mpumalanga has put the power system under pressure on Tuesday morning, Eskom said.

“This has caused disruption to coal supply overnight, but we have managed to recover in time for the morning peak. We therefore do not anticipate load shedding during the day,” according to Eskom.

“Furthermore, we have adequate reserves for our emergency generators and dam levels are high.”

Unplanned outages or breakdowns were at 11,723MW at 6.30am on Tuesday morning, reports Kempton Express.

“We are monitoring the power system closely while mitigating risks associated with flooding and storms in and around our power stations and feeding mines.

“Our engineers are working on the system and design changes that are required to enable us to cope with an increased risk of flooding. Should we lose more generation units during the day, we will use emergency reserves.

“If we experience drastic changes in the system, load shedding may have to be implemented.”

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