Sabotage at Eskom ‘should be elevated to security emergency’

Sabotage at Eskom ‘should be elevated to security emergency’

Picture for illustartive purposes. Randfontein substation on fire. Picture: Eskom

Ramaphosa seemed to show little urgency over the issue, an analyst said, and ‘if sabotage becomes legitimized in critical sectors of the state, it’s an economic death-knell’.

It was the 2005 Koeberg bolt all over again as a “shocked” and “surprised” President Cyril Ramaphosa blamed sabotage at Tutuka power plant which contributed to the stage 6 load shedding on Monday night. The sabotage cost the system 2,000MW, Ramaphosa said, and noted wet coal had also led to loss of efficiency at some of the boilers. Based in Mpumalanga, Tutuka consists of six 609MW units with an installed capacity of 3,654MW and approximately 850 employees, according to Eskom. It was while Ramaphosa was on his way to Egypt when he heard stage 6 load shedding had been implemented,...




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