Eskom’s decade-long slide from bad to worse

Eskom’s decade-long slide from bad to worse

Eskom problems. Picture: Twitter

Energy expert and founder of Adapt, Lauren Hermanus, believes nothing Eskom is experiencing is unexpected – to those people inside Eskom.

A 2,000MW underestimation of SA’s energy needs, failing units causing generation failure, unplanned breakdowns, and a higher demand of 600MW yesterday pushed Eskom to announce stage 6 load shedding for the first time in South Africa’s history. Eskoms unplanned breakdowns began on December 5, with a loss of 12,300MW causing stage 2 load shedding, rapidly escalating to stage 4 the next day, “necessitating the use of diesel and water reserves for open cycle gas turbines and pumped storage schemes respectively,” Eskom said. “With the incessant rain, we continue to experience coal-handling problems at a number of our power stations as...




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