Police slam fake human trafficking hotspot lists

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Police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said law enforcement warned against information on social media shared with a narrative to inspire panic.

A list detailing possible places in Johannesburg that could be used to entrap victims by human trafficking syndicates has been slammed by police who urge those with possible information on the allegations to come forward.

The police have warned against fake news being spread across social media platforms and urged anyone with information on possible human trafficking rings to come forward and assist police in clamping down on the perpetrators.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said law enforcement warned against information on social media shared with a narrative to inspire panic.

The police have deployed special crime intelligence task teams which indicated that some of the allegations were false after a list detailing certain places surfaced on social media, warning citizens to be wary of job vacancies at the following places:

The message read:


If you are invited for interviews in the following places in Johannesburg, please do not go:

1. ILPA House corner Commissioner and Von Weiligh Street.
2. Klamson Towers, 151 Commissioner Street.
3. Manchester House, Corner Von Wielligh and Pritchard Street.
4. The Great Experience, Curthberths of Chambers Building, corner Prichard and Eloff Street.
5. Century (Insurance) Building, CNR Kruis and Albertina Sisulu Street.
6. Motaung Recruitment, Dr Neil Agget Building, 90 President & Kruis Street.
7. North State Building, 99 Albertina Sisulu Street
8. Factor House, corner Kruis and Albert Street
9. BMT Training pty Ltd, Royal Place, Corner Eloff and Kerk Street.
10. Mr Price Building, corner Albertina Sisulu and Von Brandis Street
11. Ottawa Mall, corner President and Small Street
12. Kariba House, corner DeVilliers and Commissioner Street
13. ABC Kay Motsepe Building, corner Fox and Von Brandis Street
14. Mothomo House, Fox Street
15. Meisschkes Building, corner Harrison and Albertina Sisulu Street
16. De Souza Direct, Power Place Building, 261 Oak Avenue, Randburg
17. 08 Hillside road, Parktown near BP garage
18. 1 Fourall Recruitment Agency, Address Unknown
19. Vusa House, Gandhi Square, Johannesburg
20. DK Marketing Solutions (pty) Ltd, Mr Price Building, corner Albertina Sisulu Road and Von Brandis Street
21. ICA Marketing, Aspern house, 2 De Korte Str, Braamfontein
22. Markade Building, 84 corner President and Kruis Street
23. MIT Group, 130 Fox and Von Brandis Street
24. Renaissance Building, Gandhi Square
25. Focus House, 86 Lovey Day and Plein Street, Johannesburg
26. Mansion House, Albertina Sisulu & Kruis Str
27. Brooklyn Recruitment, Johannesburg.
28. E.N.T Call Centre, Imas House, 28 Von Brandis and Main Street
29. Motsepe Building, corner Fox & Von Brandis Street
30. Lebeya/Success Hospitality, Joubert and Commissioner Street, Majesty Building
31. Benny Recruitment And Training, 262 Madiba Str, Pretoria
32. MK Marketing, Apollo Building, Pretoria
33. TK Marketing, 43 Weirda Str, Devilliers Ave Vereeniging, Randburg
34. Malatji Specialised Services, Metropolitan Park, Hillside Road, Parktown

Please forward this to as many in your contact and save lives.

While the police indicate no spike in child kidnappings following footage of a man seen attempting to snatch a minor, Naidoo said current cases of kidnappings were being attended to.

He maintains law enforcement was upping their game in responding to kidnappings.

“Kidnappings are not on the rise,” he said.

Naidoo’s note on human trafficking and kidnappings follows a plethora of social media posts which questioned how all trafficked people left the country with no passports or visas.

The warning on fake job vacancies comes as Action SA leader Herman Mashaba has also indicated that when he became the mayor of Johannesburg, he was advised that certain buildings were no-go areas.

This was a result of the buildings being modern-day hell houses. In these buildings there was modern-day slavery, human trafficking including prostitution. Mashaba also alleged that these buildings were protected by politicians.

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