Jane E Brody, The New York Times Company
6 minute read
28 Jun 2020
7:45 am

Time to retrain how you breathe

Jane E Brody, The New York Times Company

Covid-19: Wearing of masks makes it more difficult to breathe but there are step that you can take.

A man wears a facemask as he scooters through St James's Park in central London on May 26 as lockdown measures are eased . AFP/File/JUSTIN TALLIS

Starting with the first reports of breathing difficulties among people who contracted Covid-19 and extending now to those wearing masks to limit the risk of acquiring or unwittingly transmitting the virus, the ability to breathe normally has become a common concern. Are we taking in enough oxygen to adequately supply our muscles, organs and especially our brans? (I'm among many who purchased a pulse oximeter to do daily checks of my blood's oxygen level.) Are the masks we wear interfering with our breathing? As I walk and cycle in my Brooklyn neighbourhood, I see many people with masks under their...