Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
15 May 2020
6:05 am

Corruption, not hunger, will get masses to rise up – analyst

Eric Naki

'The government spends billions to give food parcels to the poor. But people can’t access these parcel because of corruption,' he said.

Some of the thousands of residents from an informal settlement in Mooiplaas, called Spruit, can be seen queueing to recieve food parcels donated by the Spruit Forum and several NGO's, 14 May 2020, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

The ANC’s corruption, not a food crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, could cause civil unrest in South Africa, said a political analyst. Xolani Dube, senior researcher at Xubera Institute for Research and Development, said SA had no shortage of food and had money. The country could not reach the level of Zimbabwe’s food shortages because that government had neither money nor food for the people. Dube was commenting after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s promise to ensure the lockdown would be downgraded to Level 3 in some areas received mixed reaction. Some said his nationwide speech was “good for nothing”...