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14 Mar 2020
9:20 am

Got the coronavirus? The EFF wants to put you on Robben Island

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The party called for the immediate quarantine of all who are infected, naming Robben Island as a suitable site.

Robben Island. Picture: Facebook

The EFF has called for all people infected with coronavirus to be held in state quarantine, preferably on Robben Island.

South Africa’s confirmed positive cases now stand at 24; but this so far is limited to four provinces. All the local cases involve people who have been overseas and travelled to South Africa.

A group of South Africans who are returning from coronavirus-hit Wuhan, China, are expected to arrive this weekend and will be in quarantine at the Protea Hotel’s The Ranch Resort, 25km from Polokwane, for 21 days.

In a statement by the party, the EFF has said that while South Africans being repatriated from China will be “under forced, state quarantine”, all individuals diagnosed with coronavirus are currently allowed to self-quarantine. According to the statement, self-quarantine does not include “supervision … of their activities or any guarantee that they have indeed quarantined”.

“It is ironic that over 130 [sic] South Africans from Wuhan who have been confirmed not to be infected will be under forced, state quarantine. Yet, people who are infected are allowed to ‘self-quarantine’.

“This shows the inconsistency and absolute incompetence South African government policy on the spread of the virus,” national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said in a statement.

Robben Island

The party called for the immediate quarantine of all who are infected, naming Robben Island as a suitable site.

“It is clear that South Africa does not have a special coronavirus facility to commit the infected persons to. This, Robben Island or a special facility must be immediately identified and prepared for medical care of all persons infected with coronavirus,” he said.

“It is irresponsible and utterly dangerous for the government to allow unmonitored self-quarantine. This did not work in other countries and will obviously not work here. Coronavirus will sweep all over our country with supersonic speed, all because the government lacked the courage to quarantine the infected.”

The EFF has also called for a ban on all travels from coronavirus infected countries, especially Europe.

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