Letshego Zulu
4 minute read
25 Nov 2019
4:48 pm

The 947 Cycle Challenge is now a race for everyone

Letshego Zulu

The short distance is a great addition to the event and will see a big spike in the coming years of more people taking up cycling.

Letshego Zulu takes part in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Picture: Supplied

As per the norm on a particular Sunday in November every year, the streets of Joburg were locked down by cyclists for the annual 94.7 cycle event. This year’s event took place on November 17. For the benefit of those who aren’t cyclists, this means thousands of cyclists pedal 94.7km around Johannesburg – for pure enjoyment, competition, or for charitable causes. It’s almost like cycling a Comrades Marathon, it’s just a lot easier on a bike. I’ve essentially become part of the furniture, with this year’s instalment being the ninth time I took part in the event. Last year, I...