Tim Herrera c.2019 The New York Times Company
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7 Nov 2019
5:02 pm

How to make ‘self-care’ actually feel like self-care

Tim Herrera c.2019 The New York Times Company

Your definition of self-care will be whatever you make it.

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Face masks and bubbles baths? Next. Self-care: In all its “treat yourself” glory, the term is now shorthand for a caricature of millennial self-indulgence, a hook on which everyone can hang complaints about “kids these days.” But it wasn’t always that way. A decade ago, when Google search interest in “self-care” was at its lowest and it hadn’t yet become that caricature, the idea was to focus on something far more substantial than scented candles and bath bombs: namely, mental health and taking care of oneself. And enjoyable as those minor indulgences are, the mental health side of self-care is having a...