Five weird and wacky flu hacks to try this winter

Five weird and wacky flu hacks to try this winter

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To add to your everyday flu remedies, here are some additional hacks to alleviate your symptoms.

Winter is almost here and with it comes a whole lot of viruses that result in illness. Anyone who has had the flu knows how unpleasant it can be and anything that can bring relief is welcome.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the flu virus, only over-the-counter drugs, food and natural remedies that relieve the symptoms, reports Alberton Record.

Most times you just have to take the medication, get some rest and tough it out. In addition to this, why not try some of these weird and wacky flu hacks – what you do you have to lose?

1. Need momentary relief from a runny or stuffy nose?

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Push your tongue against the top of your mouth, push a finger between your eyebrows. Hold it for about twenty seconds and your nose should clear, even if it’s just for a moment.

2. Got a bad cough?

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Pineapple juice is known to be five times more effective than cough syrup, and helps prevent colds and flu.

3. Cough keeping you up at night?

Coughing while you’re trying to sleep can be the worst. Try putting Vicks Vapor-Rub on your feet before you wear socks. Within minutes the cough should subside.

4. Is a sore throat getting you down?

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Eat a teaspoon of honey mixed with jelly and heat it up. The gelatine should coat and soothe your throat. Eating cucumber can also cool down your throat and stop that itchy feeling.

5. Is your chest congested?

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Some people swear by the method of steaming a slice or chopped onion and standing over the pan while it’s heating. The sulphuric acid breaks up the mucus and may help you breathe better.

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