Angela Bekiaris
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6 Mar 2018
12:07 pm

6 ways to help kids cope with stress

Angela Bekiaris

Keep your kids calm when necessary, and take things a step at a time.

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Stress is all around us, and while we don’t want our kids worrying, they too have things on their minds.

Here are some ways to help them cope with stress, courtesy of

1. Notice out loud

If you notice that something has changed, speak to your kids about it immediately.

2. Listen to them

Let them open up and speak about what’s on their mind at all times.

3. Put a label on it

Experts say many younger kids do not yet have words for their feelings. Use the words ‘angry’ or ‘frustrated’ and help them understand their thoughts and feelings.

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4. Limit stress where possible

If there is anything you can say or do to help limit the stress they’re experiencing, do it.

5. Always be there for them

They don’t understand the pressures of life and how to compartmentalise the things happening around them.

6. Be patient

They might be going through a bad patch, but your patience will help them get better. Keep them calm when necessary, and take things a step at a time.

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