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3 Oct 2017
3:16 pm

The World’s First Baby Marathon shows how far babies really move

Citizen Reporter

On the 25th September 2017, history was made as one of the four ridiculously cute babies crossed the finish line during The World’s First Baby Marathon.

No baby should go unhugged, says Huggies

After just a few days of crawling, waddling and toddling, the little athlete completed the 21km baby marathon, proving that babies move way more than we realise.

Research has suggested that once a baby becomes mobile, they can move anywhere between one and seven kilometres in a single day. Huggies® set out to test this theory with The World’s First Baby Marathon.

Each of the little athletes participated in the marathon from the comfort of their own dummy-dotted, soft-toy-strewn homes while wearing a distance-tracking device that was specially designed for The World’s First Baby Marathon. The wearable distance-tracking device was able to track the babies’ movements and convert this into kilometres.

And the results? Racin’ Grayson finished 21km in 5.8 days, giving him an average of 3.65km per day. Danger Boy is motoring along at an impressive 2.33km per day. Thunder Pants is hot on his heels with a speedy 2.27km per day. And our only toddler, little Hurricane Thando, is covering a neat 2.25km per day.

The results speak for themselves, showing that babies really move more than we ever expected. The results also show how unique each of the babies are in terms of how much they move, which is why it is so important for little ones to wear a nappy that is not only comfy but allows them to move freely and easily.

“After witnessing, first hand, just how much distance these little guys actually cover, the fit and comfort of our nappies will become more important than ever before,” says Morné van Emmenes, Senior Brand Manager for Huggies®.

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