6 minute read
5 Nov 2020
5:00 am

City of Johannesburg becoming increasingly dysfunctional


The Joburg Roads Agency, which is responsible for a road network spanning more than 10 000km in the city, has a far smaller budget of R1.4 billion for the year.

Picture of general disrepair around Johannesburg, 4 November 2020. . Picture: Neil McCartney

The City of Johannesburg, the largest metro in the country, is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Potholes remain unrepaired for months; for example, it took many months for multiple large potholes on a major arterial route (William Nicol Drive) to be repaired. Chronic power outages following this past weekend’s storms have, in some instances, taken days to resolve. The provision of some basic services – such as electricity, water and roads – has become more erratic and unpredictable over time, not less. Understandably, the Covid-19 lockdown had a significant impact on the city earlier this year. From the outside, however, it could...