Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
11 Dec 2019
6:00 am

Eskom is barely hanging on … and it looks like a long way back

Amanda Watson

President Cyril Ramaphosa meets with Eskom bosses today with two of the power utility's units down, others flooded and 13 mothballed.

Image: iStock.

As President Cyril Ramaphosa gears up to meet with Eskom's leadership today after cutting his gallivant to Egypt short, it's likely rolling blackouts could be here until at least the end of the year, an energy expert predicted yesterday. And as long as the blackouts continue, so too does the confusion over who and where the cuts will land, with 278 municipalities each having their own system depending on when and if they are load shed by Eskom. Johannesburg's City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena said the city's system was not cast in stone. "For example, City Power normally makes Stage...