US sanctions against Guptas ‘might have embarrassed Ramaphosa’

US sanctions against Guptas ‘might have embarrassed Ramaphosa’

President Cyril Ramaphosa, 22 August 2019. Picture: Gallo Images

The move is not expected to change the fundamentals of relations between the two countries.

The sanctions by the United States against the Guptas may have nothing to do with improving relations between Washington and the South African government, but was rather part of the US approach to serve its interests and laws pertaining to dealing with corrupt individuals from other countries. Despite the motive, South Africa should be ashamed for not having taken action itself. This was the view of political analysts who added that the US action might have embarrassed President Cyril Ramaphosa because his government had failed to act against those implicated in state capture, including the Guptas and senior members of...




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