SAX, SAA, Mango merger ‘makes sense’, says economist

SAX, SAA, Mango merger ‘makes sense’, says economist

An SAA airplane. Image: Supplied

The merger should impact positively on the operational requirements and safety of the airlines, says economist Sam Rolland.

The merger of South African Express (SAX), SA Airways and its subsidiary, Mango, as suggested by parliament, makes economic and operational sense, a leading economist says.  Sam Rolland, an independent economist and econometrician, said the proposed merger makes economic sense if it allowed for shared responsibilities that would justify the workforce that would come with the three companies.  “The merger should also not impact negatively on the success of Mango. Experience has shown that legacy carriers have typically not had great success in low-cost carriers. That Mango has been a success should not be compromised.  “There is hope that the...




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