CCTV networks are ‘driving an AI-powered apartheid SA’

CCTV networks are ‘driving an AI-powered apartheid SA’

Vumacam said that the systems were installed because it was realised that there were a multitude of disparate CCTV solutions, often unconnected, and with ‘islands’ of uncovered suburbs adjacent to covered suburbs. Image: Facebook

Camera systems have so far been installed in predominantly white areas and AI will pick out black people as ‘the other’.

In SA’s crime-ridden society, technology – and particularly artificial intelligence (AI) – is helping people get the upper hand over criminals. But it comes with drawbacks. One of the best ways to combat crime is through visuals. Being able to see criminals and recognise them always accelerates the procedures to apprehend them and this is where closed-circuit television (CCTV) shines. CCTV is used on highways and in residential areas worldwide by police and security companies and in South Africa, a number of areas have coverage. One of the problems with a CCTV system is the human aspect – screens need...




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