Economists cautious over pledges’ influence on growth

Economists cautious over pledges’ influence on growth

Labourers work on a construction site.

The investments were actually ‘commitments to investments’ and people needed to be careful about how they viewed this, one of the experts said.

The billions of rands pledged for projects to create thousands of jobs at the SA Investment Conference this week has divided economists on whether the expected economic growth and resultant jobs will materialise. One cautioned that the success of the pledged investments rested on the state’s ability to implement the policies necessary. Pledges were made for various industries, including poultry, clothing, textiles and footwear. President Cyril Ramaphosa told delegates that of the 31 projects, eight had been realised and 17 were being implemented, representing a total of R363 billion in investments. Economist Peter Bauer said the investment bids were “very...




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