WATCH: Wild dog plays dead to escape lion in Oscar-deserving performance

WATCH: Wild dog plays dead to escape lion in Oscar-deserving performance


Apart from the wild dog’s performance, the lioness’ greedy behaviour led to her loss.

A wild dog came up with the best plan to escape from the jaws of a lioness in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, and viewers think it should be nominated for best performance at the Oscars.

The lioness, one of Cecil’s daughters, is apparently a celebrity at the park who is nursing cubs.

According to the website, the pack of wild dogs had just finished eating a kudu when they decided to rest. They were then spotted by a lioness.

In a video shared by Kruger Sightings on Thursday, a wild dog can be seen fighting for its life while stuck in the mouth of a lioness.

She continues to drag the wild dog by the throat as the wild dog keeps still, as if to convince the lioness that she has won the fight. A second wild dog can be seen roaming around the crime scene, as if to distract the lioness.

However, the lioness, fully convinced that the first wild dog is dead, decides to drop it and run after the second wild dog, giving the first one a chance to run for its life.

Both wild dogs were confirmed to have survived the attack.

“Oh my God, it’s still alive, well done! It is confused,” people can be heard saying in the background.

Watch the video below shared by Kruger Sightings:

“Dog deserve an Oscar for his exceptional performance of playing dead,” said Itachi Uchiha on YouTube, while Dozie U wrote: “Wild Dogs chattering: play dead buddy, we are working on a plan to distract dumb lioness.”

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