Single-use PPE is a looming nightmare for the environment

Single-use PPE is a looming nightmare for the environment

Single-use masks and gloves have already started washing up on beaches in Asia, and these items pose risks to both human health and the environment. Picture: Supplied

A way to safely dispose of single-use masks and gloves worn by ordinary residents remains unclear, with several environmental and health concerns being raised.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has the world gripped in a hygiene frenzy as citizens scramble to purchase masks and gloves. Most of these purchases contain single-use gear, the prices of which have been marked up dramatically. As much as wearing masks and gloves correctly serve as precautionary buffers against contracting the virus, to an extent, this now poses a new environmental issue – a resurgence of mass single-use product littering. This has already become an issue in Hong Kong, documented by non-profit organisation OceansAsia. Co-founder Gary Stokes and his team recently surveyed the remote Soko Islands in Hong Kong, and...




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