ANC didn’t really win Gauteng and will now ‘govern by fraud’ – Malema

ANC didn’t really win Gauteng and will now ‘govern by fraud’ – Malema

Julius Malema speaks at a media briefing in Braamfontein, 10 April 2019. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

The EFF leader alleges the ANC’s achievement of over 50% in Gauteng is as a result of the party having ‘manipulated the elections like they did in 2014’.

At a press conference on Thursday, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema accused the ANC in Gauteng of electoral fraud and expressed the view that he did not believe their victory in Gauteng was genuine.

“The ANC did not achieve 50%,” Malema alleged, before continuing to say the party would now “govern by fraud”.

“The reality is that [the ANC] didn’t win elections in Gauteng. They have manipulated the elections like they did in 2014,” he further alleged.

He added that the EFF only accepted the provincial result as they were “a peace-loving organisation that believes in the will of the people”.

“Let the people use their power to remove the ANC decisively,” he said.

According to Malema the alleged manipulation of the election in Gauteng was “OK” because it offered his party a challenge. The “EFF must work hard,” he said.

WATCH: EFF members allege this video proves ‘rigging’ of election

A number of incidents during the elections saw the EFF accusing the ANC of electoral fraud in Gauteng.

An EFF member page alleged last week that they had caught the ANC red-handed trying to rig the election.

The Citizen was sent a video clip, which can be viewed below, with an EFF member claiming it was proof of this electoral fraud.

The footage shows political party members arguing with and about what is alleged to be an Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) official and an ANC member concerning why apparently sealed boxes have been stacked in the back of someone’s car.

The person who provided the footage to The Citizen speculated that the ANC allegedly tried to keep some votes in areas where opposition parties such as the EFF are popular from being counted, because of how closely contested the fight for the province was projected to be. In the end, the ANC barely crept over the 50% mark, getting just 50.19%, which was enough to claim 37 seats compared with the opposition parties’ 36.

The Citizen asked the SA Police Service for comment on the footage below, which their spokesperson said he was not aware of.

He undertook to investigate, but neither he nor another two spokesmen ever got back to us.

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