BLF boasts about ‘doctor’ joining their party

Picture: Facebook/ Sindisiwe Sindz Wase Kapa

Picture: Facebook/ Sindisiwe Sindz Wase Kapa

The party can now boast having a homeopath in their ranks.

In a statement sent to The Citizen on Tuesday, Black First, Land First’s (BLF’s) leader Andile Mngxitama announced that a “big shot doctor” had joined his party ahead of elections.

The woman in question, named as Sindisiwe Sindz Wase Kapa on social media, who is not a medical doctor but rather a “homeopathic practitioner”, according to her own Facebook profile, explained on her wall that she was had joined the BLF to “destroy the system” and “challenge the constitution” due to it allegedly being against black South Africans.

A photo used to accompany the announcement also saw the BLF logo crudely photoshopped on to the front of the woman’s black dress.

“We are not here to undermine any black party. We are going to parliament to change the constitution that enslaves and brutalises black humanity. Blacks need to understand that they are owners, not tenants,” she wrote.

Mngxitama said that it was good news for him that “Dr Sindi has joined BLF”.

“She is one of the sharpest radical independent minds in SA. Fearless in questioning; brilliant in analysis. Clarity galore … We hope she continues to question even her new political home. BLF is a questioning movenent that values informed critique.”

He said he expected insults against her and the party, but they would not be put off by it.

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that claims substances that cause the symptoms of a disease in healthy people can cure similar symptoms in sick people.

It is often described as pseudoscience, and homeopathic preparations have not proven effective in any clinically controlled setting for treating any condition, with most effects largely indistinguishable from placebos.

(Edited by Charles Cilliers)

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