Ntsieni Sirwali
2 minute read
9 Jul 2020
11:45 am

WATCH: Limpopo education dept condemns incident of learner wasting hand sanitiser

Ntsieni Sirwali

The learner was seen applying hand sanitiser supplied to her school on her whole body.

Image: Screenshot.

The department promised to set up public education programmes, especially around the possible hazards from misuse of items that were provided to schools across the province, meant to fight and combat the spread of Covid-19.

This is after a learner from Ratshibvumo Secondary School in Muswodi Tshisimani was seen on a video circulating on social media, in which she irresponsibly applies sanitiser supplied by the department to her body, seemingly making light of the matter.

Other learners can be heard on the video expressing disapproval of the behaviour of their fellow classmate and instructing her to bring back the sanitiser as she seemingly tried to remove the sanitiser out of the classroom.

The provincial education department spokesperson, Tidimalo Chuene said they have noted the video clip and confirmed that the learner is from one of the schools in Vhembe in the Niani West circuit.

“We have instructed the principal of the school to look into the matter and wait for feedback on it.”

Chuene said the department was shocked by the learner’s behaviour of the learner, but that it was “safe to say that learners and members of the school community were orientated and will continue to be orientated on the use of health and hygiene essentials that the department have distributed to schools.”

This is done in line with the department standard operating procedure for the prevention, containment and management of Covid-19 in schools and school communities, according to Chuene.

“What was seen on the clip comes across as the deliberate misuse of sanitiser by someone who has been trained to use it in an appropriate way. Our learners and public should note that sanitiser should only be used moderately. Anything beyond what is carried in public can result in serious health complications,” Chuene warned.

She said the wasteful and deliberate misuse of sanitiser was unfortunate and would result in the department not having sufficient supply for the school to last for the intended period.

This article first appeared on Review Online and was republished with permission.

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