Allen Glen High ‘gang member’ assaults, stabs another learner over dagga

Allen Glen High School learners fighting over alleged dagga theft. Photo: Facebook video screenshot

The fight allegedly started after a bag of weed fell out of the alleged gang member’s pocket. Another student picked it up and was accused of stealing it.

A Grade 10 Allen Glen High School learner who was in agony for almost 30 minutes before being attended to by a teacher is currently fighting for his life in hospital. He was brutally assaulted and subsequently stabbed by a fellow learner, who is a member of a notorious ‘gang’ at the school.

Monday morning was the last day the 15-year-old boy, whose name is known to the Roodepoort Northsider, attended school before being forced into a fight after being accused of theft.

An informant and witness at the scene told the publication that the boy was accused of stealing a bag of dagga, which allegedly had fallen from a member of the gang’s pocket.

“The learner picked up the bag of weed and when he tried to locate its owner, the member of the Mavericks gang accused him of attempting to steal the bankie,” the learner explained.

A video shared with the Roodepoort Northsider depicts a scene of complete pandemonium outside the school, where learners dressed in school uniform and other people in casual clothes were cheering on the victim and the aggressor to take each other down. The learners casually passed around a cigarette while laughing.

According to the informant, the video only captured the beginning of the fight. She explained that off-camera, the gang member allegedly attacked the victim with his Swiss army knife – stabbing him in the leg and torso. This stabbing allegedly took place on the school grounds where the boy lay unattended for almost a full period that morning.

“After he was stabbed, the school bell rang and everyone ran into their classes. He was left bleeding until he was noticed by a teacher who subsequently called an ambulance to the school,” the witness explained.

The worried witness alleged that the aggressor wasn’t reprimanded, and was adamant that the matter had not been reported to his parents or to the Gauteng department of education (GDE) to intervene.

“I think the school is trying to sweep the incident under the carpet because they don’t want the GED at the school, or the media writing about them,” she speculated.

Roodepoort Northsider approached the school for comment but was referred to the regulatory body (GDE).

Honeydew Police could not confirm any case relating to the matter at this stage.

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