Edenvale High school allegedly detains student for wearing afro to school

Edenvale High school allegedly detains student for wearing afro to school

Edenvale High school | Image: edenvalehigh.co.za

The school has reportedly met with his family this week but the outcomes of the meeting have yet to be disclosed.

The older brother of an Edenvale High School student has labelled the school’s actions criminal and racist after his brother was allegedly detained for an entire school day and kept from his studies after he wore his hair in its natural state to school.

Speaking to the Citizen, Lloyd Mabasa explained that his brother “went to school on Friday with his hair out”, which is not the style he normally wears it in.

He was then allegedly told that the style was unacceptable and detained in a boardroom as a result.

“I felt that was highly unfair and an attack on his blackness,” added Mabasa.

During his detention, Mabasa’s brother was not allowed to contact his parents and was only able to tell them what happened once he got home after school.

When asked if his parents had been contacted regarding the matter, Mabasa explained: “I’m not sure if my parents have gone to the school yet but I will be checking later.”

By Wednesday, Mabasa’s father had met with the principal and vice principal of the school who had reportedly apologised “for the school’s rash actions towards my brother and not informing to them about the incident”.

They agreed to a public apology in addition to revising the school’s code of conduct to tackle what they called “an issue they had neglected over the years”.

The Citizen called the school for comment and were directed to email questions which would be forwarded to the necessary parties. Edenvale High has yet to respond.

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