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26 Feb 2021
12:47 pm

Illegal mining damages Main Reef Road

Brakpan Herald

A portion of the roadside has collapsed into a cavernous hole and the surface of the road is punctured with numerous cavities.

This photo captured by a drone shows the destruction caused by illegal mining along Main Reef Road.

This stretch of road has been closed since November following the development of another sinkhole.

Illegal miners have taken advantage of its closure and the road and surrounding area are being excavated at an alarming pace.

The image captures at least a dozen men on site and their activities are becoming more brazen.

No attempt has been made to hide the operation as all sorts of equipment lies exposed for anyone to see.

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An electrical cable runs along the pock-marked road to a generator situated next to a large trench of water.

A portion of the roadside has exploded into a cavernous hole and the surface of the road is punctured with numerous cavities.

This portion of Main Reef Road has never been in a worse state. It was closed in November to repair a sinkhole but much more will need to be done to fix the road.

Not only is this hazardous to the illegal miners themselves, but it also poses a risk to residents of the Plastic City informal settlement.

With little to nothing being done to put a stop to these illegal activities, it may only be a matter of time before the ground becomes unstable, increasing the risk of cave-ins, and the road completely collapses and becomes unsalvageable.

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The City of Ekurhuleni previously told the Herald the road would only be repaired in the new financial year.

Comment on this matter has again been requested from the municipality and will be published once received.

This article was republished from Brakpan Herald with permission 

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