Nica Richards
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13 Oct 2020
9:59 am

WATCH: Truck driver ducks to dodge bullets after gunmen open fire 

Nica Richards

The incident apparently took place in Ladysmith. After the incident, the driver reportedly drove straight to the Ladysmith police station to report the incident. 

A truck driver ducks while still managing to drive while gunmen opened fire on an abandoned stretch of road. Picture: Screenshot/Twitter/@rsa_trucker

Two videos published by SA Trucker on social media on Sunday have once again put into focus the dangers experienced by long-distance truckers. 

This after a truck driver was shot at multiple times by at least three gunmen on an empty stretch of road.

An administrator from SA Trucker told The Citizen that the incident took place in the KwaZulu-Natal region.

In first clip, a man can be seen driving his truck while listening to music when suddenly his facial expression changes, from satisfaction to terror. 

The driver ducks for cover while bracing for the impact of a number of bullets that hit his side of the truck. The passenger window of the truck was also hit. 

Somehow, the man manages to keep driving the truck, until he is out of range of the gunmen.

A second clip shows dash cam footage, in which three gunmen can be seen emerging as the truck reaches a bend in the quiet road, firing directly at the vehicle. 

The driver eerily whistles while listening to music until he turns a corner and realises that the men in the road in front of him had sinister intentions. The whistling promptly stops as the driver gasps, while still trying to keep an eye on the road. 

The consequences of the driver not ducking could have been fatal, with bullets seen nearly missing his head. 

SA Trucker said the driver drove straight to the Ladysmith police station to report the incident. 

Ladysmith police station’s Captain Bongani Nyathi was not available for comment. 

Updates to follow as more information is made available.

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