WATCH: Pretoria car thieves target same spot two days in a row

A screenshot of CCTV footage showing a Nissan NP200 bakkie being stolen. Photo: Supplied

The men had returned to the same parking lot the following day where they successfully stole an NP200.

A school parking lot in Pretoria was seemingly a new crime hotspot, after video footage caught thieves trying to steal cars parked outside for the second day in a row.

CCTV footage caught the same men on Friday again trying to steal a car outside the school on 30th Avenue in Rietfontein.

In the footage, the thieves, who drioe a Kia Rio, were seen attempting to steal a Toyota Tazz on Thursday afternoon. One of the thieves was seen fiddling underneath the vehicle in an attempt to open its bonnet.

But their plan failed as the owner of the car unexpectedly returned to the car.

Their attempt was a success on Friday however when they returned to steal a Nissan NP200.

Cameras caught the same Kia Rio parked next the NP200. Shortly after, one of the men is seen opening the bonnet of the bakkie for a few seconds. The vehicle starts shortly after, and another thief inside quickly reverses the stolen car before driving off.

This was the latest modus operandi when it came to car theft in the area, said MCS Security’s Reinard Raschke.

“When parents visit the school or bring children for extra classes or sports or something, that is when it happens. It’s the same modus operandi in the whole area.

“Some months, it happens everyday where three cars are stolen per day in the same spot. I am not sure how they open the doors. It’s not like they try to break open the doors,” Raschke said.

Villieria police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits confirmed a case of attempted theft of motor vehicle reported on Thursday and a case of stolen motor vehicle on Friday.

But car theft was an issue in all policing precincts, she said.

“People need to be vigilant and manually check that all the doors are locked before walking away. They must also ensure they do not leave valuables in the car as that would attract criminals,” said Brits.

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