More horrifying stories of Fritz Joubert emerge

More horrifying stories of Fritz Joubert emerge


‘He threatened my young children to their face,’ alleges one of several people who claim to have had unwanted encounters with the man.

Following news of traditional healer Anele Hoyana’s murder on Monday, more people have come forward with stories of their own alleged encounters with Fritz Joubert.

The East London farm owner allegedly killed Hoyana and held his two children hostage on a farm over the weekend.

The incident unfolded on the Geluksdal farm in Gonubie on Saturday, where Joubert had allowed his friend, his friend’s wife and their two children to live temporarily, said Eastern Cape police.

Joubert was shot dead during an apparent scuffle with a police officer following the incident.

This was allegedly not Joubert’s first violent outburst, according to those who claim to have met him.

Social media user Deejay Zwesta claimed to have met Hoyana once a few days before his death at the farm. Hoyana had apparently been trying to help Joubert fix his image in the community as he had been banned from many establishments due to his behaviour.

Deejay Zwesta said: “I was his own guest he invited earlier and turned to a beast that made me escape in the middle of the night at 2am, in the same house the deceased was there too, and her [his] very kind wife, I escaped with my girlfriend at 2am, he didn’t see me leaving as they had fell asleep [sic all].

“…he needed me to help him pick up image for his place as he had plans to host international events, which is why my music video which was playing on DStv was shot at his place. He is also in the video. I liked him irrespective of his imperfections, I however stopped going there last year when he snapped at me when he wanted me to come there to his place, he kind of belittled me and I only visited him last week on his insistence, to a point he sent his own person to come pick me up from my place. That is when I met him with the deceased. He needed media from me for his initiation event on Wednesday. He also wanted me to attend.

“He got agitated though when I said I can’t contribute the R10k he wanted from me, saying I must pay to attend his own event with the deceased, who was apparently now his PR.

“The unfortunate thing was the deceased wad convinced he knows how to handle Fritz behaviour, and would threaten pulling a plug on their deal if he didn’t behave.”

Another social media user, Brad Pullin, alleged Joubert once threatened him with a gun in public.

He said: “He has been mentally unstable probably his entire life and when he threatened me with a gun pointed at me, he had that same crazy look in his eyes.”

Pullin further regretted his failure to report the gun incident.

“I should have [reported the incident] but didn’t,” he said.

“I know this may seem heartless but this man was not a good guy,” said Bronwen Keane Du Preez, who also shared a story. She alleged she met Joubert when he allegedly intervened in a scuffle involving his friend.

“He threatened my young children to their face, he was not a good man and I can only hope and pray his children have the opportunity to be better. He is the only guy who ever threatened my young children to their faces, saying he was coming to murder them unless they get me to drop the court case.”

She further alleged his victims always dropped cases against him after accepting his bribe.

Patricia Trisha Mitchell said: “I mentioned this man was dangerous long before this happened and no one believed me.”

Alleged Kaylyn van Zyl: “Myself, boyfriend and another couple were on the farm a few weekends ago. We were invited by him for a braai as my friend’s boyfriend works with him. First time I met him and his children, beautiful kids, just didn’t get along with him, very scary person. Still threatened my boyfriend he will kill him as my boyfriend refused to take his workers home to some location. He was stabbing the kitchen table while he was threatening my boyfriend and we left straight away as he told us he will drop his worker off himself and when he comes back if we are still here he will kill us. And my friend still had her 2 month old baby with. Wasn’t a nice scene.”

Condolences have been pouring in for Hoyana.

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