Brakpan brothers detained for allegedly murdering mom on Women’s Day

Brakpan brothers detained for allegedly murdering mom on Women’s Day

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Both brothers are alleged to have been involved in the murder after one of them was found to have a cut on his face, and the other had bloodstains on his shoes.

A brutal act of violence has cut short the life of a woman on a day meant to honour and celebrate women.

A 43-year-old woman was found fatally stabbed at her mother’s Brakpan North home on Friday.

It is suspected she died at the hands of one or both of her sons, Brakpan Herald reports.

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According to information received from Brakpan police, the victim’s mother left her two grandsons, aged 22 and 24, at home with their mother around 10am.

She received a phone call later that afternoon from one of the brothers, telling her he had been asleep and woke up to find his mother on the floor.

A knife – the handle of which was missing – was stuck in her neck.

Police told the Brakpan Herald that upon arrival at the address, they found no signs of forced entry, and it was claimed the victim had committed suicide.

Officers, however, observed that one of the brothers had a “fresh” cut on his face.

A blood-stained item of clothing was found in the house, and police also noted what appeared to be a bloodstain on a shoe belonging to the other brother.

Both were detained on a charge of murder and the clothing and other evidence was seized.

The pair were due to appear in the Brakpan Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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