Eldorado Park sees increase in deadly shootings

Eldorado Park sees increase in deadly shootings

A police officer walks back to the line after firing upon protesters when they charged using road signs as shields in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. The residents blockaded roads and looted shops in protest against a lack of job opportunities and poor service delivery. 8 May 2017. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

Over the past few weeks, ‘senseless’ shootings have robbed the Eldorado Park community of many members.

The Greater Eldorado Park community has been traumatised by recent shootings and killings within the community, reports Westside-Eldos.

According to a press statement issued by Hitler Ngwenya, the communications officer at the Kliptown police station, two men were brutally murdered and one was rushed to the hospital.

“It is alleged that the police responded to a call from an eyewitness. The caller reported a shooting incident that occurred at a house in Antonio street, Klipspruit. He further alleged that while they were watching a soccer game on the TV, an unidentified man entered the house and shot three of his friends,” said Ngwenya.

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“Two of the aforementioned victims, aged 24 and 38, were shot on their upper bodies and were severely injured. The paramedics were called but they, unfortunately, declared the two victims deceased upon their arrival.

“The third victim, 27, sustained minor injuries and was transported to the nearest hospital to receive medical treatment.”

Community leader, anti-drug activist and founder of the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, Dereleen James, opened up about the recent shootings, and confirmed that one of the men who were killed were a part of the National Cadet program endorsed by the SAPS National Commissioner General Sitole.

The programme is said to be the blueprint for South Africa.

“The Eldorado Park Cadet family condemns the senseless shooting of one of our members,” said James.

“This young man chose to be a part of the solution. He chose to serve. He chose to protect. He chose to pay it forward so the younger generation may enjoy a safer Eldos.

“He chose to give of himself in return for a drug-free Eldos and a better South Africa. He selflessly gave of himself, his efforts will not be in vain. Gone but not forgotten, our soldier has fallen.”

The motive of the killing is yet to be determined, but an investigation is currently in progress and the suspect is still at large.

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