WATCH: Businessman hijacked and held hostage in Joburg

WATCH: Businessman hijacked and held hostage in Joburg


The man has fortunately been found and his car recovered.

The high crime rate in South Africa has left people worried after a video showing a hijacking and kidnapping in broad daylight on Saturday surfaced on social media. In the video shared by anticrime activist Yusuf Abramjee, four armed men can be seen stopping their car at a red robot in Mayfair, and approaching another car.

They point firearms at the car occupants, but they manage to drive off despite efforts by the armed men. The men can be seen jumping in their car again in pursuit of the victim and unfortunately catches up with him.

According to Abramjee, the car was later found and hostage found. One suspect was arrested while the others remain at large.

“A Johannesburg businessman who was hijacked and taken hostage has been found. One suspect arrested. More footage of yesterday’s hijacking in Fordsburg. The victim was found later and this get away car recovered. One suspect is behind bars. The others are still on the run,” said Abramjee.

Watch videos shared on social media below:

Last month, a video showing a man getting shot in broad daylight in Newtown, Johannesburg, in an apparent hit, surfaced and left South Africans calling on government to do something about the ruthless murders.

In the video shared by anticrime activist Yusuf Abramjee, the 47-year-old victim can be seen parking his BMW X5 in a parking lot outside a business on Quinn Street, where men pass through.

The victim opens his car boot, takes what he wants from it and closes it. He walks a few steps away from his car when a man approaches him from behind and shoots him, ensuring that he is dead.

ER24 said in a statement that it arrived at the scene after 8am this morning to find security members and local authorities attending to the victim.

“On further inspection, medics found a man lying on the pavement. Assessments showed that the man had sustained several gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for him and he was declared dead,” said ER24.

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